A Lesson For All Trades People

The latest research done by alldayPA shows us that 1 in 3 trade businesses deliver poor customer service over the phone! This surveys results put this down to an over reliance on websites to do all our customer relations.

The survey, which questioned 1,000 members of the public, found that many businesses, including those of us in the trade are 'losing the art of conversation'. The direct result is that the customer then receives very poor service over the phone.

The vast majority, 70% of customers want to be able to speak to someone directly when it comes to making a complaint or trying to resolve a problem. They simply do not want or appreciate having to make a complaint via email. The customer would simply like to talk to the business over the phone if they want more detailed information about a particular services before having the trades person come to their home for a quote.

As many as 32% of customers have reported that they are offered poor telephone service by trade businesses. Understandable, the biggest issues customers had when calling in to speak to a businesses were unhelpful or impolite call handlers, followed by the overuse of voicemail, automated call menus and phones not being answered 'within a reasonable time .

David Joseph, board executive at alldayPA, said: "Our research indicates a worrying trend for businesses who keep their customers at arms length. Whilst we love the convenience and speed of online shopping and email, there are specific moments when we want to speak to a human being.

Why Good Service Matters When You Use A Local Glazing / Conservatory Installer

There are numerous glazing companies in the UK ranging from a sole trader who may just take on work locally to companies that employ dozens of glaziers providing nationwide coverage. If you are looking to use the services of a glazing firm, one of the considerations is whether you choose a well-known, long-established, national company or a local glazing firm that may only be known in the surrounding area in which you live.

In deciding whom to use, there are a number of things that could impact on your decision such as how much the firm charge, their reputation and the quality of their products, installation work and the overall service that they provide.

So, let’s look at a few of the reasons why receiving a good service would matter to you when you utilize a local glazing firm: -

Overall satisfaction with the product you are buying

If the quality of service is good from the outset, then you are likely to feel confident that the product you are buying has been well-constructed using good quality materials and will be installed satisfactorily. An example of this could be when you choose to have double-glazed units installed. If you are provided with a great level of service throughout i.e. from when you make your initial enquiry, then when the firm calls at your home to discuss your requirements and provide a quote to when the units are fitted together with a great after-care service, you are going to feel reassured that you have made the right choice in selecting that firm.

However, if you had not been well received when making the initial enquiry that could have prompted you to place your business with a competitor.

You may use the firm again

If you were happy with the level of service provided then you are likely to use the firm again at some point in the future. So, for instance, if you were re-designing your kitchen you may want painted glass splash backs made and installed to fit behind the hob and sink. The first and possibly only glazing firm that you are probably going to contact for a quote is the same one that did a great job in manufacturing, supplying and fitting the double glazed units.

You may recommend the firm to others

If you receive a good service from a local glazing firm then you are more likely to recommend them to your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. This is potentially beneficial to several people such as: -

  • The glazing firm as it may provide them with the opportunity to take on more work in the locality.
  • Those you have recommended them to as they can be confident in the quality of products, workmanship and service they receive.
  • It could prove of benefit to you as, if you were to use the firm in the future for some other work, you may receive a discount.
We trust that the above has been helpful.

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